Spark! for Creatives
Spark! for Creatives
Andrea Hubbert


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This space is for solopreneurs who want to start, grow or scale the creative business of their dreams.

  • The ones who need a little guidance and support from others who’ve been there, or are there right now, so that they can attract ride or die buyers and raving fans.
  • The in-house 9-5ers who want to escape the doldrums of cubicle-land for the passion-filled world of entrepreneurship.
  • The weekend warrior who thinks this might be the year to crank their talents to 11 by becoming "legit."

In other words, this space focuses on sharing creative sparks you can use to market your products and services... grow your audience... and generate sales with purpose.

Hey there, friend, I’m Andrea! You can think of me as the executive producer of this lovely collaboration. Or, if you prefer, your new favorite happy hour hostess. I'm cool with either one.

I can't give you back the hours sucked away endlessly searching Google and YouTube for answers to your most pressing business-related questions, but I can put an end to it. Hallelujah!

As a creative myself, I promise to share absolutely everything that I know about successfully growing a business. In fact, you will get not only my deep knowledge and expertise but also that of everyone within the community. Score!

In addition, it's important to me that this be a safe place for us all to pull back the curtains to reveal our best practices, common pitfalls to avoid, and entrepreneurial mind traps to ditch so that every member has the best possible opportunity to be seen, heard and recognized as a leader in their space. 


  • Simplified marketing tactics to eliminate overwhelm when cultivating a fanbase filled with ride or dies
  • Sales strategies to grow an engaged audience of buyers who can’t wait to purchase your products and services
  • Methods for managing systems and processes that support your creative work (instead of distracting from it)
  • Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset to make the most of the time you spend working on your business
  • And so much more

The time-tested tactics I share within this community will definitely provide a roadmap for shaping your buyers' and fans' perceptions of you as a creative... and as a business owner.


"You are a joy and pleasure to work with and I sincerely appreciate your fresh perspective on our brand. We've got a much stronger communication platform now thanks to your efforts."Ian Abston, Forward 48

"Andrea helped us with strategic planning as we prepared to launch a new location. She helped us select multiple target audiences and then create a plan to reach each of them in a unique and dynamic way as we approached our launch date. She was not just competent, but creative, and willing to work with our team to ensure things looked and felt just right. We appreciate her hard work, dedication to our story and passion for what she does."Jodi Tonarelli, The Ridge Community Church

"Andrea is a gem! Her ability to break down ideas clearly and thoroughly while helping business owners understand their audience is priceless. She’s a master of her craft and truly shines every time she steps up on stage!" Israa Alrawi, email marketing strategist

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